Two Column WordPress Themes: Xtreme, Nuptials, Religious, Eclecticon, ThemeFurnace

Xtreme – A Two Column WordPress Theme

Using two column layouts is great for displaying art and photo portfolios, business sites, or blog posts. This type of layout is also useful for e-commerce websites, as it allows users to browse products or services easily.

You can create columns in WordPress without a plugin by adding the Columns block to your content. However, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with CSS properties like float and padding before doing this.


Aside from the standard grid layout, WordPress – based websites also support two column web content arrangement. This layout style is preferred by many web designers for its functional and structural advantages. It allows them to separate the worthy content into two distinct columns for easy reading and browsing.

Religious is another serious – looking and reliable sample you can find among 2 column WordPress themes. This template is a perfect choice for religious and charity – related websites and communities to let their voice heard in the digital world. It has been designed to meet the needs of such organizations by allowing them to set up a unique management system that splits all their endeavors, projects and activities into presentable parts for their web users.

Similarly, Eclecticon is a photography – and art – focused 2 column theme that lets you host your creative portfolios, services gallery, and online store with ease. Its stylish image slider and navigational menu on the left side of the page will make your website stand out from the competition.


The theme is a two column template and has a nice clean layout. It also has a responsive design, making it suitable for any device. It has a number of features, including a widget sidebar and a built-in header menu. It is also SEO-friendly, meaning it will be easy to get found on Google.

Moreover, it is a great choice for NGO and charitable websites as it can help them organize their projects, events and more. Its unique management system will make it easier for them to deploy their web content across different platforms.

The theme is a photography and portfolio oriented theme. Its layout will help you show off your images in their best light. Its multiple post formats allow you to create different types of content, and it has a full-screen slider that will give your website a bold look. It is also WPML compatible and includes a plugin that will enable you to translate your site into any language.


Xtreme is an excellent WordPress theme for blogging, business, photography, organization, or CMS websites. It is a full-featured options-based theme with a clean, well-organized layout. Its features include a customizable header, custom menu, and color scheme. It also has a powerful admin panel that allows you to customize your website without needing to use CSS or a child theme.

The design of this two-column theme is both eye catching and eligible resulting in web visitor’s satisfaction. Its responsive and mobile -friendly layout is also accompanied by a plugin compatible nature that allows you to install practical plugins contributing to your profile.

The theme is designed for newspaper, magazine – related content and media based websites. It offers a clean two – column layout, a frontend page builder, and both BuddyPress and bbPress bundled in. It also has a unique article system and a variety of variations for maximum layout flexibility. It is also fast loading and SEO – optimized.

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