WordPress YELP Plugin: Easily Display Yelp Reviews on Your Website

WordPress YELP Plugin Review

Displaying Yelp reviews on your website is an effective way to promote your business. This will help you build trust with your customers and increase sales. This is especially important for local businesses.

With this plugin, you can easily add Yelp reviews on your site with no need for coding. It also includes many premium features like slider and grid style reviews.

YElp Reviews Widget

Review systems boost conversions and help you differentiate your business from your competition. They can show your customers what others have experienced, which plays an important role in purchase decisions. However, displaying reviews on your website requires a lot of technical knowledge and can be difficult to maintain.

This plugin allows you to display Yelp reviews in a sidebar widget. It has multiple layouts and can be used on any page of your site. It also supports multiple languages. It works with the API key provided by Yelp, which you can create for free.

When you install this plugin, it automatically opens the live feed editor to start creating your new reviews feed. You can add a new source, choose a layout, and set the number of reviews to show. It’s easy to customize and has a user-friendly interface. You can even filter and moderate the reviews in real time. You can also customize the column gap and the ’Load More’ button to match your site design.

YELP Reviews Pro

This plugin is a great option for anyone looking to showcase Yelp reviews. It offers a number of features and functionality, including the ability to filter reviews by rating, create grids, and customize the appearance. In addition, the plugin supports multiple templates and allows you to display reviews in posts, pages, and widgets. It also includes a customizable ‘Load More’ button, which can be used to show more reviews on a page.

Once installed, the plugin asks you to choose a source from which it will retrieve Yelp reviews. This can be your own business page or any other page. Once you choose a source, the plugin displays a form that requires your API key. This can be obtained by creating a new app on the Yelp developer’s portal. Once you have the API key, paste it in the form and click Next. Review Feed Pro will then use the API key for all future Yelp feeds that you embed.

YELP Reviews Plugin

This plugin lets you embed Yelp reviews on your WordPress website. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with high ratings, because it builds trust with your visitors and increases sales. You can choose from several styles and features, including a slider or grid layout and the option to display reviewers’ avatars. You can also display a “Write a review” button so that customers can write reviews on your site. The plugin is free to use but you can purchase a premium version for more functionality.

This plugin is super easy to install and provides a variety of options for the review feed. You can display the reviews in a slider, grid, or list and customize them with settings like the number of reviews per slide and the number of rows to show. You can even filter reviews by star rating. This way, you can only display the best reviews on your website. This will increase customer engagement and improve your search engine rankings.

YELP Reviews for WordPress

A WordPress plugin that helps you show Yelp reviews on your website is a great way to connect with visitors. This type of content is one of the most trusted by consumers, and it can play a big role in their purchasing decisions. A customized review widget will help you attract more visitors and improve your business reputation.

The YELP Reviews for WordPress plugin is a simple, lightweight solution for displaying Yelp reviews on your site. Its free version displays three Yelp reviews and some basic information, including your star rating, in a widget. It also allows you to customize the look and feel of your widgets, including color schemes and background images.

Unlike other yelp review plugins, this plugin stores the reviews in your own database instead of pulling them from Yelp each time someone visits your site. This can help reduce loading times and prevent problems if the Yelp API is unavailable. You can get started with this plugin for free, but the developer offers a premium version that costs $45. This is an excellent choice for businesses that need a more robust Yelp integration.

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